About The Artist

Sabrina Baron is an eclectic, creative artist whose inspiration stems from her own rebirth... through the Power of ART.

From a successful businesswoman in the beauty industry to a well recognized painter and artist, in her own right.

Her work runs the gamut from more traditional portraits to organic expression. The imagery reflects the evolutionary changes of her life experiences.

Her artwork has been purchased by well established collectors and are on display in some of the most prestigious luxury, boutique hotels in South Beach, Fl, Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD. The "Lord Baltimore Hotel" was awarded Top 10 Historic Hotels in America by USA Today readers & travelers.

She also creates unique one- of- a-kind sculptural and kitschy accessories.

Sabrina is an Artistic Designer who collaborates with Interior Designers to achieve masterful results, capitalizing on aesthetics effects through the interplay of art, home furnishings and fabrics to create a total living space and environment.

30+ years of experience, many satisfied clients. Background in Beauty & Fashion Industry, as Owner, Stylist, and Designer.


Artistic Statement

The Love of the Arts was the message I received as I was growing up. I was blessed to be born into a family of creative artists, musicians, dancers and even great cooks! Enjoyment and appreciation of the arts were always so much a part of our lives.

And, thus, this shaped who I am today. An independent woman defined by all my life experiences. My artistic style has undergone a revolutionary transformation from; the traditional to organic expressional exploring into its own unique interpretation and style.

Extensive travel enriched my creative evolution. It allowed me to experience different landscape changes, cultures and lifestyles exploring a photographic and journalistic process.

A continued need to grow and further my artistic expression led me to the study of Feng Shui philosophy, design with solutions.

My work reflects the NOW. It is the only place that I am in when I best express myself!

My artwork is a meditative and therapeutic practice.