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Work in Progress for The Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington, D.C.

350 original and unique paintings commissioned to be placed above each and every bed.

Scheduled to be installed in all rooms and suites in 2016.


On Display at The Albion Hotel, Miami Beach, FL, USA

Just recently I completed my second project for The Albion hotel in South Beach, with 100+ rooms. Three years ago, during my first project for The Albion, I created 160 paintings which were mounted throughout the guest suites. That project's name was Unconscious Intelligence and was very successful. I was honored to be brought back by Rubell Hotels, after my first Albion project, this time to revitalize The Lord Baltimore Hotel during it's remodel in 2013. The Dreaming of Jackson Pollock & Dreaming of Damien Hirst projects were wildly successful, which led to my current project at the Albion.

For this year's project at The Albion I was asked to do a theme based on Nautical Flags and inspired by Ellsworth Kelly. I used canvas sheets 16 x 20. After painting them I would age them by crumbling & soaking them to get the look I desired. I just completed 350 flags with raving reviews.

Dreaming Of...

On Display at The Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore, MD, USA

These are the Dreaming of... series - Dreaming of Jackson Pollock and Dreaming of Damien Hirst. You're only seeing a just a few of so many, using different colors & shapes totaling 2500 paintings. I did 1500 paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock & 1000 paintings inspired by Damien Hirst. Each painting was one of a kind, no copies.

I just returned from The Lord Baltimore Hotel, where I saw them beautifully frames & hung over every bed in all 440 rooms, as well as other common areas. These are just a small view into the endless designs I created.

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Unconscious Intelligence

Displayed at The Albion Hotel, Miami Beach, FL, USA

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